MARCH 2018

Totally helpful since I found out about Dogs On The Streets, they help me out every week given me advise about dog training, provide my dog with healthy food. I use to beg and shoplift for my dog's food and I have a criminal record for stealing dog food. I don’t do that anymore now I have Dogs On The Streets.

When my dog needed immunisations and I don’t have the money to have this done Dogs on The Streets done them with no cost for my dog. 

MARCH 2018

DOTS is phenomenal. Without DOTS life on the streets with a dog would be much harder and stressful not knowing how to access vet care. We both look forward to coming to the station each week. DOTS have been more of a family than my own since I have met the team. DOTS help is 24/7 and I can call whenever there is a problem with my dog.

MARCH 2018

I have been using Dogs On The Streets since it all started just over a year ago, well for me DOTS saved my dog Lucky's life by giving medication I could not afford for her heart disease and continues to do so every month as she is on this forever. I have known Michelle who started this service for 6 years and throughout this time she has done tremendous job with the homeless people and there is a huge different in the health of the animals on the streets.

MARCH 2018

Dogs On The Streets are very caring and supportive, not just for the dogs but for their owners too. I’m very grateful for all the support they have given me and my dog


Dogs On The Streets are all brilliant, best organisation. When I come to their station I feel at ease and not pressured. Thank you.


DOTS does a really good job for the people on the streets, especially this time of year.