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Meet our fantastic patrons & ambassadors that support our work

Pete Wicks - Patron

Pete Wicks , Towie Star , animal rights campaigner.

He owns two rescued French Bulldogs and is passionate about animal welfare.


I am really proud to be a Patron for Dogs on the Streets.

The charity helps tackle issues rough sleepers with dogs face on a daily basis offering kindness and support. Providing vet care and supplies, the charity also offers rehabilitation for the dogs at its Sanctuary.

Dogs on the Street’s helps these dogs and owners #with no postcode get the help they deserve. 

Peter Egan - Patron

Peter is a well known British actor and animal advocate : Passionate about moon bears, dogs and all other species on our planet including the human animal. Peter is committed to the principle that all who live on our wonderful planet share one thing..one life..and the right to live a life free from persecution, pain and suffering. It is why he chooses to be vegan and is committed to bettering the lives of all animals...until the cruelty ends.

"I am delighted to be patron for this innovative and committed charity. Helping those that society so often ignores, where help is so desperately needed.

Dogs On The Streets (DOTS) has a terrific commitment to, and understanding of, the problems of the homeless and their valued companions, their dogs. I am thrilled as patron to support their work."

Anna Webb - Ambassador

“ I’m delighted to be an Ambassador for Dogs On The Streets (DOTS). Often the smaller charities get overlooked without the credit they deserve. The help DOTS provides for rough sleepers and their dogs is multi-award winning, which is credit to the team for their tireless work as their life-line. DOTS represents what I believe that dogs enrich our lives, proving time and time again, they really are man’s best friend."

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